About Me

I am all over making positive changes to your life no matter how small. I freed myself from the ‘rat race’, ‘9-5’, ‘corporate career cage’, whatever you want to call it, by finding out the hard way, or, as I prefer, on the scenic route.

After four redundancies in eight years, I have learned a thing or two about finding my path and doing what I love and designing my life as I want to live it. The Universe has sent a strong message, that some of us aren’t meant for the hamster wheel offerings of the ‘traditional job’.

That would be me! For 23 years I worked on and off in the voluntary sector in support roles, usually in the field of domestic abuse, took a degree in law somewhere in the middle, raised a beautiful daughter and have supported thousands of women change their lives for the better. I have lived, worked and travelled in many parts of the world, became a ‘career volunteer’, made a living as a massage therapist, I make body butter from herbs I grow and I own a cute 1970’s caravan which runs from alternative energy. I have done masses of self-work, attended spiritual conferences, workshops, and training to find out who I am and what makes me and others tick.

I spent three months bumbling about in Spain after being made redundant from a team manager role at Women’s Aid in 2014. (Check out the blog). I came back to the UK, got another job, but found it still wasn't a fit for me and decided to pack up lock, stock and barrel and return to pain. I have a finca in a six acre olive grove called Casa Tranquila. I am running retreats for 'worn out working women' and offering glamping to groups and families, holiday makers, travellers, poets, artists, misfits and the likes. Check out the Casa Tranquila page.  Doing what I love is a passion of mine, in all its eclectic glory. So, to the Universe… ‘I am listening!’ No compromises!

We all deserve happiness and fulfillment, and our well-being of mind, body and spirit is especially crucial in the fast paced life we now live. You are a long time dead, let’s learn to live.