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03 Oct, 2016

Ian, it transpired, is a builder. He bought his motor home, Helga, (something to do with a large rear end! Bloke joke!) to travel about Spain, Portugal and France. I invited him to stay at my place, since he was self-sufficient in his van, and perhaps give me some advice as to how to progress. I really liked his way with people. I observed him on the ferry, he called all the women ‘babe’ and ‘darlin’ in a non-offensive way, and people really shone in his presence because he made them feel good. As I want to run workshops here, I thought he would be a great person to have on a DIY one because of his positive vibe. He was also very loud and had a presence hard to ignore. He said he would like to visit and would be down my way in a couple of days. I was chuffed to bits I had bumped into him and we exchanged numbers. 

After two nights on the ferry, we arrived in lovely sunshine. When the helpers left, it suddenly got very dark very quickly, and cold. I have to say it was a bit grim. I had forgotten how bad it looked inside the house. The one tiny window with no glass made it feel even colder, though I am sure I will be grateful come summer! Everything except my torch, a few candles and mattress was now packed in the shed next door, which, in my absence, had been robbed, the locks of both doors gone. There were piles of leaves everywhere, the wind whistling about blowing them all around.The little white dog and I hopped on the mattress on the floor (my divan base was too large for the van) in our new casa and slept soundly for 12 hours. 

LWD on our first night. 

I was pleased to see the sunrise the following morning and we wandered about enjoying it. There is a goat farm over the fence and I could hear the tinkling of the bells as the goats set off to forage. I moved some boxes about and found a few things. A camp stove. A mug. A tea bag. It’s the small things… I collected some firewood to use in the open fire place later, not wanting to get caught out again with no wood. My neighbour Joan stopped by to check who was about. He was lovely and whipped his chain saw out and chopped up some dead wood. We had a cup of tea together. Everything seems so much better when you have tea and wood! I put the solar panel out to charge and we were sorted. Lighting the fire at around 4pm was one of the highlights of the day. The little white dog and I could then sit on the mattress in front of the fire and stare at it for the rest of the evening. How mesmerizing is fire? Most satisfying.

I was thinking I might just walk in to town the next day as I should really hire a car. Stuck halfway up a Spanish mountain without transport is probably not wise. Or I could just buy a couple of chicken. The theory being, with eggs and herbs and an open fire, I wouldn’t ever have to leave! As I was entertaining myself with my thoughts, the phone rang. It was Ian! He said he would be arriving the next day. No chicken yet then! “Make sure you get here before dark” were my parting words.


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