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03 Oct, 2016

Ian was mortified when he found I was sleeping on a mattress on a concrete floor. I told him the divan had to be ditched as it wouldn't fitted on the over-laden van. He immediately took me to town, where we bought some wood, (nearly died at the price!) and within two hours he had built me a bed base. How lovely of him! It was so much warmer with the mattress off the concrete floor.

The building of the bed base. 

The bed completed. 

Ian was even more baffled as to why someone would choose to live like this…! And we wandered about and he told me all the things I needed to do. He offered to do the work for me and agreed a price and he was off. We spent a couple of days  hanging out in builders’ yards. I think he thought it would be easy for me to order ‘skrim’ in Spanish, when I don’t even understand what it is in English. I, of course had to agree to be a builders mate…not really knowing what this entailed. He would say things like, ‘I am just going to plaster the reveals’. Apparently, he did just that and I nodded enthusiastically, but between you, me and the gatepost, I still have no idea what a reveal is! But I can confidently say I have a plastered one!! The next day a lorry load of materials arrived before you could say 'know what i mean darlin' (learning London builder speak!) and he set to work in earnest. It’s a man’s world, and I would be dispatched to buy something and the guys in the shop would say ‘no you don’t want that you want this’, so I would return home with many things Ian hadn’t asked for only to have to return them and do as I was told! Bad builder’s mate. I am learning though…

Deliveries! And work commenced...


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