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18 Oct, 2016

“As usual, when people warn me against doing something once my mind is made up, I grow increasingly determined to try it”. Richard Branson.

When enough people had told me I am mad, crazy, (that’s becoming increasingly common), stupid, brave, impulsive, and unrealistic, and when I had heard enough about my Spanish venture being not thought out, insecure, full of red tape, at risk of land grabbers and pouring good money after bad, oh, and being dumped once again, I decided it was the perfect time to action my plans. Not that I don’t value others’ opinion, I do, but they have their own agendas and ingrained templates or set of belief systems that they must follow. I have been forced to, in lots of ways, and have wanted to break out of mine, and in any case, I don’t believe society has our best interests at heart, thus, we should design our own lives according to our ‘chosen’, rather than ‘imposed’ beliefs and by doing what we love. A big part of what I do is sharing ‘doing what I love’ with others who want to learn and do what they love too. Now read my first sentence again. So if that sounds like I am mad, crazy and stupid, I am all over that! It can be my new template for living, as the old one sure as hell doesn’t work for me.

Of course, there are those that know me well who are hugely supportive, and wonder why I hadn't made plans to leave sooner. It is said we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, and that is somethingworth considering in choosing your friends wisely.

Noticing patterns.

In my last three jobs, I began by doing one job and ended up doing completely another. What happened in each one was that shortly after I started, as team manager or team leader, the management suddenly and unexpectedly plunged the company into redundancies. So my job became supporting people through the ensuing crisis. I watched as people turned themselves inside out to become the best in their field for the purposes of being re-interviewed for their own job, some of whom had been in post in excess of 25 years. Their faces became pinched as they considered the un-considerable should they not be successful in keeping their post, and how they would pay their mortgages and feed their children thereafter. They kept this up while carrying a full case load of work in the field of supporting others. Not one of them, in any of the three organisations, folded or went on long term sick leave. My role took on many forms, one of which was finding out what people love, in case, should the worse happen, they knew something of themselves to enable them to move forward. This work, which I considered to be fun and very interesting, is what inspired me to do it more and more and forged the decision that I should move to Spain and do it as much as possible. Enter Red Tent Retreats.

For further inspiration, check out Jon Jandai from Pun Pun Centre for Self Reliance, Thailand. Life is Easy. http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxDoiSuthep-Jon-Jandai-Life-i;search%3AJon%20Jandai


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