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Do this or die book - The Journey - Coming soon!

What is it? An auto-biography

What does it do? Tells the story of my life to date. It tells how I broke free from the 9-5 treadmill as a single woman and set off on an adventure of creative life-design. Driving over to Spain with my belongings, and starting up my own business, living off grid in a sustainable way.

Who is it for? Anyone interested in doing something different from the norm. Anyone who seeks something more. Anyone who wants to leave the rat race. Anyone who cares about their health and well-being. Anyone who is ever-so slightly rebellious. Anyone who has been dropped on from a great height. Anyone who has had their heart broken. Anyone who likes to travel. Anyone who is broke and in debt. Anyone who would love to do it but won’t. Anyone interested in off grid living, alternative living, growing fruit and veg, permaculture, campers, living in the hills in a beautiful place. Anyone.

What do I get? A book

How much does it cost? £7.99


Coming soon